Friday, January 9, 2015

Congratulations Non-Voters Who Believe That "Both Parties are the Same"!

Found somewhere on Facebook.. I'll be happy to credit this if I can find the original.

On the occasion of the first week of the new, completely Republican Congress (January 2015):

In the first week of the new, completely Republican congress:

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Republicans Attack Social Security

On Day #1 of the new Congress:

(First written early January 2015.  Updated late April 2015.  See note at bottom of page.) 
While many of us were occupied by the horrendous terrorist attacks in France:

...The Republicans made a move that will hurt the disabled and the elderly more than any terrorist attack: They are playing games with Social Security that could result in an average cut of about $250/month to disabled former workers who now depend on Social Security (SSDI) starting sometime next year.

The Trust Fund for SSDI (not the Trust Fund for regular Social Security) will be emptied by the end of next year.  What has happened before when one of the Social Security Trust Funds has been emptied is that benefits have been paid from the other fund until the funds have been recouped.  This has happened almost automatically several times in the past without causing any recipient consternation or sleepless nights.  The Republican Congress passed a regulation to disallow this; you know, "fiscal responsibility", etc.   

Now that decrease of $250/month may be the difference between medications and no medications, between eating adequately and not eating, between keeping a decent roof over their heads and losing their homes or apartments.

It's YOUR fault!

Let's not forget Republican thinking: If you haven't been able to save enough for retirement and you need Social Security to live, it is YOUR FAULT and you deserve to live in abject poverty in a hovel.

If you haven't been able to save enough for retirement because you became disabled sometime before you retired, it is YOUR FAULT and you deserve to live in a hovel in abject poverty while you are disabled.  They've also been successful in some circles with promoting the idea that most disabled people are collecting fraudulently.  It's a long, hard process to get SSDI, as anyone who has had to turn to this program knows,-- despite what Republicans and Fox News try to tell us.

A scary portent of what is to come:

This should be very disturbing and frightening indeed for any of us who are (or soon will be) living on SS or SSDI and have very few additional resources.

Update 4/27/2015:  No update actually.  This is the way things stand.  This is not a bill; it is a change in a regulation pertaining to Social Security over which Congress has authority.  As a result, the Democrats cannot block this nor can President Obama veto it.  I have heard nothing about this for months now; no movement on it, no complaints about it.  It will stand until the last minute before it is to go into effect and then become an issue in the 2016 campaigns.  Meanwhile people living on SSDI are going to experience unnecessary misery and anxiety.   Thanks Republicans in Congress!

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