Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Trump: Bring back waterboarding. "He would talk a lot faster with torture."

Donald Trump feels that we need to bring back waterboarding which he considers a "minimal form of tortore". He also took a shot at the "eggheads" that wrote these laws against torture. He was on CNN about a half an hour ago talking to Wolf Blitzer about the explosions in Belgium.

He called into Wolf Blitzer's show.. (CNN may have put him on their air for ratings).

My thoughts: We can never let this loose cannon become the President. He is dangerous and scary.

Here are my notes from his conversation with Wolf Blitzer..... They may be a bit hard to follow as I was just typing as Trump was talking. Italics and emphasis mine.

Wolf: If you were Prez, what steps would you take to keep this stuff from happening here? 
Trump: Immediately strengthen our borders. Be very tough on visas and end a lot of them from certain parts of the world. This is a problem. Radical Islamic terrorism is a major problem and we have a President who won't even mention the term. Won't mention the words and he's making a terrible mistake. 
Wolf: Support a temporary ban on all Muslims coming into the US? 
Trump: We have no choice. There will be exceptions. We have a real problem and people don't know what's going on. We have a government that is impotent; a government that doesn't understand what's happening. 
Wolf: (About) NYC.. Should there be added levels of security in place right now? In baggage claims centers?  
Trump: Yes... Mayor (DeBlasio) is doing a terrible job. A disaster as a mayor. He knocked out surveillance. We had the finest surveillance of the whole radical islam situation in the (NY) police department. Amazing department. And he (deBlasio) knocked it out. 
Wolf: About this temporary ban (on Muslims coming into the country):  A lot of law enforcement say you need the cooperation of Muslims to find the radical ones. Without their cooperation, the situation would be whole lot worse. 
Trump: The low life that they got (in Belgium last Friday) was seen shopping in grocery stores. His community didn't turn him in. Maybe they are going by Sharia law. We have a real problem. We can't continue to be the stupid people. Sweden.... (Sweden now has problems.)  
We can be nice, politically correct. We are being absolute fools. There is something going on, we unless we get to the bottom of it. We have to be very vigilant, very strong., we won't have a country left. 
Brussels was such a beautiful place. Everybody talked about it. Nobody talks about it now. I talked about how bad Brussels was a few months ago, I got heat. Now they are all saying that Trump was right. Brussels is a disaster. There are areas of Brussels that the police wouldn't even go into those areas. So dangerous, so radicalized.  
Wolf: If you were Prez, how would you question (terrorist caught last week) .  
Trump: He was arrested in an area everybody knew he was there. They didn't turn him in. He may have led this attack or it was retribution. We have to change our law on waterboarding thing where they can chop off heads, and they can drown people in heavy steel cages, and we can't waterboard. So we have to change our laws.  We have to fight at least on an almost equal basis.  We have laws we have to obey in terms of torture.  They have no laws whatsoever that they have to obey.  
Wolf: Would you start torturing him right away? They say he has been talking.  
Trump: Well, he would talk a lot faster with torture. I would bet that he knew about this bombing. We have to be smart. We can't waterboard. Nothing is nice about it, but It is a minimal form of torture.  
Wolf: Waterboarding is torture .. you would go further? 
Trump: I'd go further; I'd listen to military people.  
Wolf:  Military people say they oppose torture.
Trump: I disagree. I don't believe they do. (Wolf mentions the "military code of conduct") . Trump goes on: They are told to say that politically. I think they believe in torture 100%. You talk about Patton, about Douglas MacArthur, these were real generals, I would guarantee you they would be laughing. They are spinning in their graves as they watch this stupidity go on.  
We can't ... 
Wolf: It was the CIA who was engaged in waterboarding after 9/11. The military said they did not want to have any part of the waterboarding cause it was part of their military code of conduct. That's why it was left to civilians working in the CIA with the author of justi and bush adm.   . with the authorization.. 
Trump:  It was a political decision, not a real decision, not a military decision, it was a political decision. The problem that we have, Wolf, and it's a very big problem. We are fighting by different sets of rules. They are fighting with no rules. They can blow people up in shopping centers, they can have bombs that are so vicious in the nails and glass, blinding and killing people. And we have rules and regulations we can't waterboard because it is a little bit on the tough side. We have to get smart, Wolf.  
Wolf: They say that it (waterboarding) is a violation of international law. The US has signed on to various international treaties banning torture.  
Trump: I would say that the eggheads that came up with this international law should turn on their television. I'm looking at scenes that are absolutely atrocious, bodies laying all over the floor, including young, beautiful children.. Maybe if they watch that, they will approve waterboard and other things.  
Wolf: Ted Cruz believes the US should step up going into Muslim neighborhoods in the US and looking for potential terrorists. Would you support that?  
Trump: Yes, I would support 100%.  
Wolf: How would you do it? How do you find out where Muslim neighborhoods are? 
Trump: "You do it, you do it. Let me tell you, I bet you the local police know much about what is going on than anyone would understand.. If they were given their hand, they would stop the gang problems in Chicago and various other places... They know the gang members. They know everything. The local police know plenty about the Muslims too.
But the police have been so hurt, so left out, so discouraged buy what's happening. , they lose their jobs, their pensions. We have a very soft country. In many countries, we have a very soft world. It's going to get a lot tougher, You watch. Because people can't take it. These acts, these horrible violent acts. 
Now the man who was caught I'm sure knew about this. If they were strong, and strong like I mean strong, he would have given them up before this act happened. He knew about this act. This act was an act of retribution because they got him. A lot of people are saying that. He probably knew about it. He probably planned it. He probably is sitting there with lawyers telling him (mocking voice).. You don't have to talk, don't worry about it., ,the trial will start in ten years. " 
Wolf: What do you say to the millions of patriotic Muslim Americans? People who feel that they would be discriminated against. 
Trump: "We have a problem. We have a radical Islamic terrorist problem. We have a problem like we've never had before. 
General Pershing had the problem in 1919 in the Phillipes with radical Islamic terrorism. I think you know that story. It was a gruesome story. (Snopes says the story to which Trump refers is False.)  The problem didn't exist for 48 years after. They look at us as weak, soft, stupid people.  
Trump's final comment:  I see the scene on CNN with bodies all over the floor and we are having a conversation about waterboarding.

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