Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Something drastically wrong in America--- The Final Word About the Bundy Ranch Situation.

Is this the final word about the Bundy Ranch situation in Nevada?

I doubt it will be the final word, but I found this in my archives, and it really fits the recent situation at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.  For those who have just crawled out of a 100 year sleep, there are dozens and hundreds of stories about this from both the right and the left perspectives, but the basic issue is this:

A rancher in Nevada had been allowing his cattle to graze on public land for years, generations.  Until 1993, he paid his grazing fees to the government.  In 1993, he stopped paying those fees, but continued to let his cattle graze.  He now owes the U.S. government.. us, you, me, your family and friends.. over a million bucks in fees.  The federal government has taken him to court and he has lost those cases; as he refuses to pay up, the feds got the right to take his cattle and sell them for back fees.  Bundy got the word out, and the anti-government "militia" people came by the hundreds to "support" him against the "jack-booted federal government".  The federal government has now backed up, fearful of someone getting shot or seriously hurt, but I'm sure there will be a Plan B, C, or D.

I post the following with one caveat:  The Republican Party itself does NOT seem to be directly encouraging people to take up arms in this particular situation, but most of the people involved in these militias do appear to support the Republicans and their extreme candidates.

From the folks at Occupy Public Office, perhaps shared from elsewhere, as I can't read the credit in the left corner.  That word on the top line should be "something" (of course):

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