Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Republicans Complaining About the National Debt Are Like Pigeons Complaining.......

As the news is completely taken over by debates about the Fiscal Cliff, the National Debt, and Tax Rates, the Republicans try to portray themselves as the champions of fiscal conservatism and frugality.

But we really know better.

We know that the deficit was going down, the national debt was also starting to decrease, when Bush took office.  But two unfunded unending wars, tax cuts for the rich, and the unfunded Medicare Part D was then topped off by a recession that started when the housing bubble, fueled by an unregulated financial industry high on exotic new financial instruments, burst.  Gone was the balanced budget, gone were the minimal annual deficit, gone was the decreasing national debt, gone was financial security for millions of Americans.

Then the Republicans have done whatever they could to blame this stinking mess on the Democrats, in particular, on President Obama.  

But, as I said above, we really know better:

Republicans Complaining About the National Debt, now at a sorry 16 trillion (that's 12 zeroes:  16,000,000,000,000), are like cackling flocks of pigeons complaining about bird droppings.


  1. It's too late in the evening after a long day to make a detailed post to you, Molly---but you skipped one important, very crucial factor in the destruction of a country that we're currently faced with...that would be BILL CLINTON (D). Sold out AGAIN...hand-off, Democrat to Republican...same goals, different tactics.

    1. I'm not sure why you feel that Clinton sold out in terms of the national debt. Can you explain?

    2. NAFTA has to be the answer, although that was one of those bi-partisan "knives in the backs of average citizens" (in more than just this country) touted as good for all, but really it was for the benefit of big....make that BIG (!) business.

  2. and that isn't a direct connect the dots to the national debt sort of thing, but it all is part of the pattern of what happened to get us all to where we are today. IMO


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