Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quit Wishing for Perfection, Democrats!

The future with Romney is unacceptable!

By Michele R on Facebook's Kick Butt Liberals Page:

Republicans may feel like throwing up when they support Romney & vote for him--but they WILL support & vote for him. Do Dems and Indies realize what our future will look like if we don't stick together to protect ourselves from the future the conservative right has in mind for us???? 

We may have our differences of opinion and our criticisms of Dems and Obama. It's time to quit wishing for perfection. It's time to focus on the forest instead of the individual trees. Can we just stop for a minute and imagine a future under conservative right rule? Really imagine it. It is an unacceptable future! Are we really willing to divide and allow ourselves to be conquered by the likes of the Koch Brothers/Rove/Norquist agenda? 

They aren't kidding around with forcing their agenda on us. They are organized, well-funded, and have managed to coalesce a renegade Wall Street, evangelicals, the newly conservative Catholic church, and every dingbat-hickerbilly-Faux News watching voter. THAT is what we are up against this election!!!! What differences among us are more important than defeating THAT? 

The time is NOW to to get our act together!

I mean, really, people, isn't it obvious?  Thanks, Michele! 

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