Friday, June 22, 2012

Thank a Liberal!

Thank a Liberal!  From Robert B on Facebook:
I hear all the Tea Party Republicants & their Libertarian lapdogs screaming about Corporate Regulations, & how they need to be done away with!   Well let's see, prior to these regulations, corporate greed & lack of regulations were responsible for ship sinkings, train wrecks, bridge collapses, unsafe vehicle crashes, building fires & collapses, & dam breaks, amongst other problems. Without regulations, the millionaires cut costs to increase their profits, & it's we the worker ants who were paying the price!!

Thanks so much, Robert, for reminding us why these regulations came into existence.  There was a reason for most of these regulations, people!

And, no, Both parties are NOT the same!

Other comments on this found at Facebook:

Thank the union workers, many of whom literally died for us to have all this. AS long as they are making money corporations won't give us this. IN fact they are already seeking to turn all this back. I know someone at GM who is being forced to work 50 hour weeks, no lunches and so forth in order to keep production quotas. Its happening again and that is why we need to be vigilant.
And don't miss this great article published at the Daily Kos about unions.. with an excellent observation from the movie Alien.

From the article:

Unions were the driving force in creating and preserving the American middle class during the times of greatest prosperity. The basic concept underlying a union is that workers can achieve more for each individual through collective action than through individual action. Individual members organize and select representatives who negotiate on behalf of the whole. Solidarity is the key source of strength. A clenched fist does more damage than five fingers separately.

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