Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Racist Dog Whistle: What Happened America?

Don't let the righties get away with racist dog whistle such as the photo below!

The photo above was found on a Facebook page called Human Events.  Whoever put this together obviously wanted to emphasize a difference between Michelle Obama, the current First Lady and the wife of President Barack Obama, and Jackie Kennedy, who served as First Lady from 1961 to 1963 when her husband, John F. Kennedy, was President.

And the difference is obviously supposed to be negative, as Michelle Obama apparently does not look as "together" as Jackie Kennedy in this pair of pictures.  The racists will deny that the difference of skin color between the two women means anything.. but never allow yourself to be deceived.  Their biggest complaint about the Obamas really IS race.  But arguing with racists is really a waste of time.

As the added text, posted on my Facebook page, states:
Jackie and Michelle are both fashionable, intelligent women who speak/spoke for their generations. Perhaps Jackie didn't feel that she could show the joy that Michelle is expressing in the photo at the right. If so, how sad! And how far we have come as a people! Not only do we have a black family in the White House, but the First Lady can feel comfortable expressing herself! As my FB friend Sue writes: "How refreshing to have a First Lady with a desire to make changes for American families and not just be an ornament on the President's arm. Michelle Obama is LOVED around the country; her approval ratings are HIGH; she's a decent and honorable woman who loves her family and her country! We are so lucky to have her!""
Yes, Sue, we are lucky to have Michelle Obama in the White House.  But there's a significant part of the population that will NEVER accept her legitimacy as First Lady.  The picture above is one of the most mild in terms of criticism of Michelle Obama.  But it is SO mild that the racists can more easily deny any racist intent in posting. 

So sad.  But don't ignore racist dog whistle!  And know that it exists in this the land of "All (white men) are created equal."

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