Friday, May 18, 2012

The American Workers: Remember them, Republicans?

Avatar found on Robert B's Facebook page. I'll be happy to credit if I can find more info.
Yep.. There is a difference between the two parties, and the following describes it in a nutshell. The Republicans think if you are one of these American workers who are out of a job, a house, and whose kids can't finish school, you are somehow inferior to the rich guys (like Romney) who have "earned" every penny:

Hey Willard "Mitt" Romney, remember us? We're the American Workers that your Bain Capital laid off & put out of business. We're the Americans who almost lost our homes & vehicles as a result. We're the Americans whose children couldn't finish college because there was no more money to pay tuition as a result. We're the American Workers with LONG memories, who you'd like to forget about this Election !!!
By: Robert Bolduc found on Facebook

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