Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thom Hartmann: Both Parties Are NOT the Same!

A reminder posted by Democrats for Victory in 2012, a Facebook group: .....Anyone saying "both parties are the same" is horrifyingly dishonest. 

The difference between Republicans and Democrats depends on YOU!

In this clip from February 2011, Thom Hartmann addresses those cynics who say that "Both Parties Are the Same".  Nope, says Thom.  Not true, and he tells us why:

As Thom says, "Cynicism can take hold..  Some think I am naive for thinking the Democrats are any different than the Republicans.  Both are corporate-backing shills, say some.  Both parties are guilty of corruption and breaking the trust."  Well, sometimes, yes.  

But Hartmann urges people not to abandon the party that brought us the New Deal, Great Society, and other progressive legislation..  Compare them to the Republicans who dug in and yelled "No!" whenever such legislation was introduced.

No difference between the two parties?

In the first few weeks of 2009, the Democrats passed legislation to assure equal pay for equal work for women, expanded access to health insurance for children nationwide, and they passed a stimulus act that created millions of jobs and walked us back from the edge of a depression. 

In the first few weeks of 2011 (Hartmann says 2012, but this was recorded in 2011), Congress introduces legislation to REPEAL health care, and to end the public financing of elections.

Hartmann quips, "I guess LACK of insurance is what makes this country an "exceptional nation" to Republicans"

"Time to drop the apathy and time to recognize the Truth:  

There is a difference between the Republicans and the Democrats.  It's the difference between 50 million people uninsured resulting in 40,000 annual deaths vs. more guns and disinformation.  It's the difference between worker's rights and the interests of the rich and the powerful.

Show up at your local Dem party meeting, volunteer, participate! ... Take over the party!"  (Conservatives did this to the Republicans in the 70's)  (They did this in 2009 and 2010 as well, though Hartmann doesn't mention this.)

Time for We the People to take back the Democratic party.. and that only happens when you show up!

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