Monday, January 23, 2012

No.. They Are NOT the Same!

Welcome to "Both Parties Are NOT the Same!"

As these endless Republican debates continue, I have been increasingly disturbed with what I hear from these candidates and by what I see from the Republican crowds watching these debates.

I have been equally frustrated by many people, many from the progressive uber-left, many supporting someone like Ron Paul or a third party candidate, some from the Occupy movements, that "Both parties are the same".  Look, I know the Democrats and Obama are not perfect (Did anyone expect them to be perfect?), but I know in my heart that they are NOT THE SAME as these, racist, homophobic, anti-woman, and anti-human people who populate the Republican party in the year 2012.

I firmly believe that a vote for any third party person this year is a vote for the Republicans.  I furthermore believe that staying home because someone believes that "There is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans; they are both tools of Wall Street" is the same as voting approval to the race-baiting, despicable Republicans. 

I intend to include two major types of articles in this blog:
  1. Information, articles, comments that really highlight the difference between the current crop of Republicans and the Democrats.
  2. Information, articles, comments that answer some of the complaints from the uber-left, disgruntled Progressives, Ron Paul supporters, and various Third Party supporters that "both parties are the same; both parties are supported by corporations", etc.  
Though I am a fierce advocate of getting money out of politics, overturning Citizen's United, and putting strong caps on lobbying, particularly on behalf of corporations, I do not feel that both parties are the same, that Obama is just a tool of Goldman-Sachs, and I'm tired of reading such rhetoric as the "Bush/Obama perma war machine."

I will say that Ron Paul is fair game on this blog.  I contend that the poor quality of education in this country has led the way to many young people completely missing Paul's racist and sexist character and somehow seeing him as a hero.

Unlike my Molly's Middle America blog, which highlights jobs and employment numbers and trends, as well as political commentary, this blog will not feature as much original writing.  I expect that it will include mostly links to other information, paragraphs, "blurbs" and comments from Facebook and other places that are relevant to the topic of the blog, but all of this information will be organized for easy reference.

I welcome all comments and any emails, particularly those with articles or sources.  I will not delete comments with opposing viewpoints unless they involve name-calling, abuse, lies, or repeated inane statements.  Those will go.

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