Monday, January 23, 2012

Best Comments on the Big Differences Between the Two Parties

Yes, There is a Very Big Difference!

These are some of my favorite comments from around the Internet on the differences between the two parties in 2012.  I will add to this article when I find new favorite comments:

"There is a very big difference in the two parties this year. 

The right has tried to blow up the presidency of Obama. If he fails, they think they win the White House. That has been their only goal since Obama was elected, and they have done it with great detriment to our country. They didn't care what happened to the people, jobs or the economy. Obama has done everything he can to help the middle class. The GOPTP have voted against him at every turn.

I will vote the straight Democratic ticket in November. I only watch the debates to confirm my choice, and it's working. They are all for themselves­. No thank you. Obama 2012! Straight Democratic ticket 2012!"

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