Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Four Republican Stooges

A quick run-down on the Republican Candidates for President from a vehement opponent: 

They are all liars. They are all TRASH. They are poor excuses for human beings and they are only in the race for their EGOS, not because they give a damn about America.

Newt the Puke... 84 Ethics violations as Speaker of the House. Thinks 5-year black children need to clean toilets an work. Is that his answer to educational needs in America, deprive black children of one and enslave them?

Mitt the Sh*t.., thinks Corporations are People and should not pay taxes... Since most pay Zero, I guess we would pay them to have a job. 

Ron the Pawn- thinks blacks are worthless and put in writing. They all feel that way about Hispanics as well.

Rick the Dick- thinks women are garbage and he has the right to control their bodies, although he never mentions that his wife had an abortion. He also agrees with the Puke about the direction of black 5- year olds.

Not one of these representatives of what the GOP has to offer has a feasible plan to bring us out of the Bush Debacle and help bring the rising deficit down except make working people work for nothing so the wealthy keep all they have.

That's not gonna happen no matter how many dumb ass people ... listen to Fox News and don't read the facts on who did what to this country and it is not President Obama....

Whether or not you believe in 'God' one thing is for certain:

These Republican candidates could not be further off from Jesus's teachings as laid out in the bible if they TRIED to be; everything they stand for is almost the exact opposite of what the bible says. Feed the poor, care for the sick, love your enemies, reject greed, do not foster hatred of your fellow man, promote togetherness, do not point fingers, do not take the Lord's name in vain.

Truly disgusting bunch in every way, absolutely disgusting that this is level we are at in this country, these people being of a high enough stature to run for PRESIDENT. These people are not fit to hold ANY office, should have been run off years ago.

Update 5/17/2012
Three of the four have been run off, and one remains.  What does the Republican party have to offer the American people?  The answer now, as it was four months ago when this was written, is:  Not one thing.

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