Monday, September 17, 2012

Romney Is Toast.

"Victims who take no personal responsibility".

Forty-seven percent (47%) of the people in this country are "victims" who not only don't pay taxes but "don't take personal responsibility or care for their lives" according to Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

These comments were made by Romney and surreptitiously recorded at a private fundraiser a few months back.  It shows what he thinks of the American people, particularly those who are struggling.

If you haven't had to pay federal income taxes because you are old, disabled, or you earn too little to pay federal income taxes, Romney sees you as "someone who doesn't take personal responsibility or care for your life"--- even if you work a low wage job forty hours a week.  (Ezra Klein has a good analysis of this whole "47% pay no taxes" issue HERE.)

All of you formerly middle class people who are trying to live on unemployment insurance, perhaps taking food stamps because you earn so little in your new job, or who are stuck applying for early social security just so you can have a few bucks, Romney also doesn't care about you and also says that "you are someone who doesn't take personal responsibility or care for your life".  Even if you worked decades before everything fell apart.  Nice to know what he thinks about you before you consider voting for the guy.

From Rude and Rotten Republicans on Facebook

Mitt Made His Money the "Old Fashioned Way":

If that's not bad enough, juxtapose these two comments from the clips:  
  • He talks about his visit to a manufacturing plant in China in which Bain was investing.  He mentions the deplorable working conditions of the thousands of young women who work there, working for a "pittance", working long hours, living in dormitories ten or twelve to a room.  He doesn't mention that perhaps this is something that might be improved when Bain comes to town; he talks about how wonderful America is compared to the conditions of these young people in China.
  • Romney claims that he and his wife gave all of their inheritance from their wealthy parents away.  So, therefore, they earned their money "the old fashioned way", meaning that they earned it.
Let's put this together:

Mitt and his fellow partners at Bain made their money on the backs of workers who are underpaid living poverty-level lives of despair, such as these young women in China.  Or on the backs of workers whose companies Bain bankrupted.  

What are some of those "Old Fashioned" ways by which people used to make their money?

This is the same "old fashioned" way that slave owners earned their money back in the 18th and early 19th centuries.  The same "old fashioned" way that industrialists and "captains of industry" earned their money when they put millions of immigrants to work for peanuts in dangerous, miserable factories, stock yards, and construction sites.  

Let's not forget why we don't have those conditions now in this country:  Unions.  Muckraking journalists.  Reformers and political activists.  Politicians who supported regulations and worker's health and safety laws.

And finally let's not forget this:

If  the Republican rich guys that Mitt was talking to had their way, the conditions for workers in this country would be just as bad as the conditions of those workers in China.
 (In fact, whenever they can get away with it, they will put people to work in less-than-acceptable conditions right now in this country.)  If you believe that Mitt et al would never do this, I have a bridge... price reduced; going cheap.

Damage Control

Now Mitt's handlers are trying to do damage control:  "Mitt Romney's plan creates 12 million new jobs in four years, grows the economy and moves Americans off of government dependency and into jobs."

What plan?  Tax cuts for these rich donors?  Less regulations so that these rich donors will hire more people.. and put them to work in the lousiest conditions possible?  Do these repulsive Republicans actually think that people who CAN work want to be on "government dependency"? 

So what is it, Mitt?  Do you really care two bits about these people who are stuck in government dependency right now?  You just insinuated that they were losers devoid of personal responsibility or care for themselves.       

The Republicans have been obstructing Obama and the Democrats all along in this recovery, and then Romney complains that people who haven't yet managed to recover in this economy are people who "don't take personal responsibility or care for their lives"?  And he's going to magically fix things for them?  Repulsive, completely and utterly repulsive.

Come on, Americans!  It's time to put the kabosh on these Republicans once and for all!    

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