Monday, September 17, 2012

What's the Romney/Republican Tax Plan?

Turmoil in Romney's Campaign?

The Washington Post posted an article this morning that seems to indicate much turmoil in Mitt Romney's Presidential campaign.  The article makes a few good points:  When a campaign is losing ground, reports of turmoil often pop up.  If Romney's numbers start to go back up, the reports of turmoil will go away.  Sure enough, Romney's numbers at Gallup have come up two points as the post-convention Obama bounce winds down, but starts to wind down.  But right now, today, reports of turmoil are in the press.  

The Washington Post article talks about "messaging" but perhaps the problem is that the Romney/Ryan/Republican campaign really doesn't have a message that resonates with a majority of the people, particularly the "middle class"? 

What does Romney have to offer the American "middle class"? 

How can someone who has no idea what it means to be "middle class" personally -- and seems to have no ability to empathize with the "middle class"-- have a message that will resound with that struggling middle class?  

More and more people are starting to see the Republicans as obstructionists that have kept the recovery from truly taking off...  They cared more about getting the guy in the White House out of office than they did about co-operating to end the misery and suffering of the American people.

What could the Romney/Ryan/Republican message be?  Tax cuts for the rich and more taxes for the middle class?  Fewer regulations?  Get rid of ObamaCares which more and more people support?  Voucherize Medicare which 65 to 80% of the people DO NOT support?   

In the comments, someone asked:

 We really don't need to know the details of the Romney tax plan. What is the Norquist plan? 

A good reply on Republicans and taxes, from "reussere": 
Norquist never actually had a actual plan for governing or economics. He plan is a political strategy only, that Republicans should always stand for lower taxes, no matter what tax levels are, because as a branding mechanism, it makes Republicans appear consistent. 

Unfortunately as a governing philosophy or policy it is completely unsustainable. If Republicans always want to lower taxes, then they cannot be satisfied until tax rates are zero. Then where would they go? Meanwhile, constantly lowering taxes below the rates required for governing leads to unsustainable deficits. 
Republicans at this time are in the same position as drug addicts. They must have more tax cuts to be able to justify their existence, but cannot ever place a floor beyond which they refuse to cut. The real solution is to become more honest and start advocating balanced solutions, but that requires an open break from their pledges, muddies their brand, and causes a short term loss in political position, like the withdrawal of a drug addict from his drugs. 
For Republican's to survive, a break from the Norquist brand politics must happen. It is preordained. The longer they wait to do it, the more damage they will take. This is primarily why they are currently doing so poorly in an election they could have easily won with more sustainable and responsible policies.

And the final comment from "TomR3":

 The Norquist/Romney/Ryan Plan: "Choose richer parents next time."

Democrats believe that we need a reasonable level of taxes to support government programs that we all need; programs that will make this a stronger country and keep our deficit down to reasonable levels.   Republicans under Norquist believe that taxes are simply "stealing from my pocket" and are not necessary to govern--- seemingly ever.

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