Monday, January 23, 2012

No Difference Between the Republicans and the Democrats?

Copied from a recent Facebook conversation (A disclaimer:  I do NOT agree with every last sentiment expressed in this conversation.):  

Steve wrote:  "No difference between Democrats and Republicans? Hmmmm, let's see. 
  • Bush started two wars; Obama's ended combat operations in one of these already. 
  • Bush "didn't think about Bin Laden"; Obama had him killed. 
  • Bush oversaw years of torture at GitMo; Obama tried to close the detention center during his first year in office (admittedly, he failed thanks to Congressional resistance). 
  • Bush pushed for and signed an unpaid-for prescription-drug bill; Obama pushed for and passed the most sweeping and potentially money-saving healthcare reform bill since Johnson.
  • Bush gave tax-breaks to only the rich; Obama passed a stimulus bill which, though smaller than needed, put enough Americans to work that Rick Perry used its success to give himself credit for job-growth in Texas. 
Sorry, but those who "see no difference" between the two parties simply aren't looking hard enough."

D. replied:  "Steve...looks like you've got a copy of the standard issue talking points...there's one of those for the other side too...i'm over the two party's not working."

(Sometimes talking points are true!)

Steve:  "D., talking points or not, they also happen to have the added benefit of being true. Also, notice I did not say anything about Obama being perfect, infallible, Superman, etc.; simply that your contention that there is little to no difference between the two parties is dead wrong. Feel free to keep up the sarcasm if you wish, and it's certainly your right to vote third-party, write-in, or not at all, but if you'd like to stick to the actual issues as I have, I'll be happy to listen with an open mind :)."

Granny added:  "Two party system, D.? The problem is there is one big party on Wall Street in a big fat casino where the Romneys of the world think it's their personal playroom. If we eliminate Wall Street altogether these issues won't exist. Wall Street is the biggest fattest lie that trickle down Reaganomics ever gave birth to. It should not exist to begin with, but became the monster it is because of one USA-destroying jerk named RayGun and we aren't going to take it anymore. OUTLAW WALL STREET altogether, it has nothing to do with reality!! :)"

Granny continued:  "Steve I know the difference:  The Right uses their wealth for selfish and wicked purposes; the Left has to play within the rules of the system the Right created and owns. I say if you have to fight money with money, so be it. It's what one DOES with their wealth that matters, and how they acquire that wealth is an issue too. But, bottom line, if the Obamas of the world, and there aren't enough of them, can use corporate money to further a better agenda, so be it until we reform the system at its core. If that requires a bloody revolution, and it appears that is what the Right is bent on having, so be it. I'm a pacifist at heart, but I'm also not going to sit back and let the Right further destroy our nation without a good fight. Brains and Good Intentions First, Fists and Toe Stomping if that's what they force us to use. I prefer to fight fire with water, but if these idiots continue to force us into more drastic measures, I will risk my very life to fight fire with fire!!"

Granny continued:  "Maybe it's time we trick Wall Street's pimps the same way they trick everybody else. Maybe we have to help them set themselves up for total failure and have them begging for the privilege, the same way they have tricked the masses into bowing down to their whims and licking their boots for the "privilege". We must teach them the meaning of the word privilege, for they think it means "I get what I want anyway I can get it and fuck everybody else." They think opportunity means "My opportunity to screw you over for my selfish purposes." They think liberty means "My liberty to do as I please because I have no soul and no morals, ethics or integrity." I'd help them understand LIBERTY if I could have five minutes alone in a windowless room with them. They'd understand liberty once they got out of the room and away from Granny's tongue lashing, and as they exit that room they will all be handed orders which charity or social cause they have been appointed to serve until we give them permission to have their own lives back. Radical? Maybe, but sometimes tough love is the only way."

Steve replied:  "Go Granny! LOL I'm with you. We need publicly-funded elections, anti-trust laws with teeth, the reinstatement of Glass-Stegal, and a New Deal-style plan for building infrastructure and education here rather than knocking other countries down. Furthermore, we need to get God out of politics, an immigration policy that makes sense, healthcare and education for all citizens, environmental regulations which provide enough energy without destroying the planet, and a foreign policy based on mutual trust and national security instead of feeding a corporate agenda via an ever-expanding military-industrial complex on the backs of our poor and under-employed youth...and no, I'm not running ;)."

Granny:  "Steve I agree totally. Don't forget college loan issues Obama has dealt with in spite of congressional hostage taking, ..."

If You Think Obama Sucks, You are not Paying Attention!

Shirley added:  "If you think Obama sucks, you are not paying attention. 
  • He has passed the most reforms in history. 
  • He kept up us out of a depression. 
  • He ended Bush's war, on time. He is cutting the Afghanistan war in 2011 and 2012. 
  • He repealed DADT. 
  • He is cutting the Pentagon budget by 1 trillion. 
  • He over-road huge GOP opposition and named Richard Cordray as the Consumer Watchdog Chief.
  • He signed the Wall Street Reform bill -- this was against Wall Street's wishes. 
  • He has signed over 200 reforms of Bush's and poor government policies of the past. 
  • He pushed the American Jobs Act to get jobs for teachers, firemen, construction workers, and Vets. He succeeded in the jobs incentives for Vets. 
According to history, he has been the most progressive POTUS ever. What sucks about that? What do you want?  For him to walk on water?  Pres. Obama has accomplished more than any leader could have with this obstructive Congress. Read the news. He is kickin' ass. But the unappreciative American people are too blind and deaf to notice."

Well, Shirley, SOME of the unappreciative American people are too blind and deaf to notice.  

Thanks to Steve, Granny, Shirley, and even D.

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