Friday, January 27, 2012

Hey News Media! Stop sugarcoating Republicans!

A good rant from Facebook Friend Andrew Rei:

"OK News: I've grown really tired of you "sugarcoating" or giving a free pass to the political party that's our biggest threat, foreign or domestic: the Republican Party!

You need to abandon this twisted sense of fairness you have and take Jane Fonda's advice: tell the truth! Conservatives/GOP have a talking point/myth regarding the "Liberal media bias"; and, because you hear them say that, you don't really dig for the whole truth about these racist, sexist, fascist, elitist, greedy, incompetent, corrupt and arrogant bastards. 

For instance: the GOP like to spout the talking point that the "economy is all President Obama's fault"; B*llsh*t! Those of us with half a brain KNOW that the GOP and President GW Bush are STILL RESPONSIBLE for our economic ills; but, you don't want to call them on their BS; frankly, Democrats, Liberals, Progressive and even MODERATE GOP VOTERS ARE TIRED OF HEARING THIS BS! IT NEEDS TO STOP! START TELLING THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT THESE BASTARDS!

Please share this liberally; I'd like to see this go "viral" on FB and other media platforms, if possible"

Let's remember:  Both parties are NOT the same!

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