Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Add It Up and Weep, Trump and Republicans!

Enjoy your fun, Trumpsters!

Trump and his Republican allies are gloating about how well the Republicans did in the recent special elections.  They are busy trashing the Democrats and the Democratic candidates.

But here's the reality, which those who live in the alternate facts universe conveniently ignore:

The Democratic candidates in the four Congressional special elections this spring swung those 4 solid red districts an average of 18% in only five to seven months. Any Republican with an ounce of sense should be very concerned about 2018. Here's what happened:

  • Montana at large: The Republican Zimke won this seat by 15% in November. Gianforte (R) won this seat by only 6% last month. That's a 9% swing to the left.
  • Kansas 4th: The Republican Mike Pompeo won this seat by 32% in November. Estes (R) won this seat by only 7% in April 2017. That's a swing of 25% in 5 months.
  • South Carolina 5th: The Republican Mulvaney won this seat by 20% in November. Norman (R) won this seat by only 3% last night. That's a swing of 17%.
  • Georgia 6th: The Republican Price won this seat by 24% in November. Handel (R) won this seat by only 4% last night. That's a swing of 20%.

Add it up and weep, Republicans. That's an average swing towards the Democrats of 18% in just 5 to 7 months in those very solid, reliable RED district. Additionally, the Republicans were too afraid and ashamed to release the draft of the #TrumpDontCare health care bill because they feared it would tip the election even more because it is truly horrible and "mean". I take that back... They may have been afraid, but I can't imagine a Republican being ashamed of throwing millions off of health insurance. Because if you can't afford extreme health insurance premiums or you don't have a job that provides health insurance, you really don't deserve to live, right, Republicans? (Snark)

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