Friday, May 18, 2012

Off With Their Heads! Austerity and Incumbents in Europe...

And what does that mean for the United States?‎

From the article at Huffington Post (linked below) about Austerity and what the implications might be for those of us in the U.S.:

"Graham, the South Carolina Republican, said that American politicians should learn from the Europeans and make sure that both parties are on board for spending cuts. That gives voters nowhere to flee."

Yeah, he would say that; he's a Republican. He doesn't want the Dems to come out strongly against austerity and on the side of "regular" people because the Repubs would lose badly. 

"We're going to need a Ronald Reagan-Tip O'Neill moment, because what you see in Europe is a breaking apart of consensus. The centrist parties took a beating, and now everybody's running for the hills," he said. "Here's what Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill did: They held hands, and they did it together."

In other words, both parties screwed us for decades to come. We are still reaping the misery of that "screwing" decades later.  (I'd have to check history on O'Neill's involvement in such screwing, which I have not yet done.) Let's not take a lesson from that. Come on, Democrats, you can do better.

From the following article at Huffington Post:

U. S. Politicians Eye Europe Warily as Austerity Fatigue Ousts Governments

Don't miss the comments by Talab,  Jsgaetano, Quinny, and ClevelandLib.

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