Thursday, November 8, 2012

Demoralized Ann Coulter Whines That The "Takers" Have Won

Ann Coulter as found at Newsone

Conservative media darling Ann Coulter was chastised by another conservative media darling, Laura Ingraham, while lamenting that the "makers" have lost and the "takers" have won:   
"Pep up, move forward girl," Ingraham told Coulter.

Look, the right wing conservative media people believe their own press.  They all listen and contribute to each other, whine to each other, and no fresh breeze is allowed entry.  They have no idea what is really going on out there, outside of their own little pocket of rightie fog.

But this is what IS going on out there, and this is why Obama and the Democrats won:

There are 5.4 million new jobs in the last 2+ years.  There are about 3 million more people who report that they are employed this October vs. last October.  It doesn't mean that things are peachy, but if Coulter and the right actually walked out of their fog and looked around, they would see what most Americans see:  Things getting better, not fast enough, but a definite improvement, more businesses opening in the last year than closing, and most people again feeling optimistic.  

People are starting to like ObamaCares.

Not only that, but people are looking forward to actually having health insurance next year.  People without health insurance know that real "tyranny" is being sick and not being able to get health care due to the cost.  People with health insurance know that real "tyranny" is coming down with a serious disease and worrying about whether you will be able to keep your health insurance or whether or not you will exceed some cap.  That is real tyranny; being "forced" to purchase health insurance is NOT tyranny.  Little by little the number of people supporting ObamaCares is increasing, but that fact doesn't seem to have penetrated the rightie fog.   

A Decent and Good President...

The right wing pundits are missing the fact that MOST Americans are really and truly angry that a decent and good President has been relentlessly attacked, demonized, and racially profiled by a disgusting subset of the population.

"We have more takers than makers and it's over. There is no hope," Coulter said.

About that taker vs. maker business:  As a whole, Americans KNOW that the so-called "makers" are often the true  "takers":  The CEO's, the hedge fund guys, and other investors who actually make not one thing while they take more and bigger bundles of cash from workers both here and abroad.  

Most Americans also know that most of the so-called "takers" are actually hard-working people who have had lower salaries and less opportunity for decades now.

Most Americans know that many of the people classified by the right as "takers" are people hurt in this recession who relentlessly looked for work, who took whatever lousy temporary or part-time job they could find, who went back to school, got training, sold stuff, started mini-businesses, who did whatever they could to keep their heads above water during the past four years, often with some kind of government assistance.  They then hear themselves being demonized as dependent low-lifes and "victims" by the Republicans, including the Republican candidate for President.  

 Stay in Line!                                                                       

People waiting in line to vote in Miami
On top of it, there were blatant and well-publicized attempts to keep those "takers" from voting, and anyone who didn't look at those long queues of people who were STAYING IN LINE and didn't realize what that meant for the Republicans was just plain clueless.

So, Ann, and Laura, and Rush, and all of the rest:  You lost.  You don't get the American people and you probably never will.  They aren't rich guys who hang around golf courses and whine about having to pay a few bucks more in taxes.  They aren't billionaires who threaten to lay off workers instead of coughing up money for health insurance for them-- while they contribute millions (made off of the backs of those same workers) to Republican leaning PAC's.

No, you guys don't get it.

But, finally, at long last, the majority of Americans DID get it.  And they showed up Tuesday --- and the days and weeks before Tuesday.  

And they STAYED in those lines.    

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