Saturday, July 14, 2012

Republicans: "Top Priority Is To Deny Obama a Second Term"

Republican Mitch McConnell speaking to the conservative Heritage organization in late 2010:

"Our top political priority over the next two years is to deny President Obama a second term."

From Deb T on Facebook :
And there it is.... not getting jobs, not helping to solve any problems... just getting rid of President Obama! 
Still think there is no difference between the parties? 
 From Philip on Facebook:  
The myth that there is no difference between the parties is a Republican fallback position funded by the corporations to pull the wool over the eyes of the morons. To all others the difference is quite noticeable. Republicans damned well know there is a difference.
From Molly on Facebook:
I do think you are right, Philip. I read a lot of comments from the "Both Parties are the Same" people, and I'm convinced a lot of that comes from the Repubs in an attempt to get people cynical and get them to stay home or throw their votes away on some obscure third party candidate.l

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