Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Defense cuts cost jobs! Boo hoo!

No, both parties are not the same. 

I just read an article on money.msn about how painful mandatory cuts in defense would be to the economy....It focused on  all of the jobs that would be lost by big defense contractors and industries.  

(Yep, the article mentions domestic cuts and Democrats, but the article really focuses on Republicans and defense cuts.) Who are the legislators who are decrying these defense cuts? Almost all of them are Republicans. Do any of them make a peep when social spending is on the line? Nope.. In fact, most of these Republicans are the same people who would happily "reform entitlements", meaning Social Security and Medicare. They don't worry about job layoffs or starving people due to cuts in "entitlements" or domestic programs.  But cuts in defense!  Oh, boo hoo!

And aren't the Republicans the people who continually tell us that "government doesn't create jobs"?  So... why the big deal over cutbacks in government defense spending.. if government doesn't create jobs?   

I agree that our campaign finance and lobbying structure needs to be changed big time, as it corrupts people of both parties. 

But anybody who has watched this carnival of chaos and misery over the past few years and still thinks that "Both parties are the same" has his/her head far up his/her rear.  

Republicans:  Defense and war but as little help for people as possible.
Democrats:  They actually would attempt to cut defense a little.. but they do work to save social programs.  

Now which party is really fostering "government dependency"?  The Republicans who have the support of huge industries and  corporations dependent on defense spending and more wars?  Or the Democrats who actually do want to fund infrastructure, education, and other domestic programs that help.. people?

Just a reminder, from via the Dailykos:

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