Thursday, July 19, 2012

None of the Above!

Stephen Colbert:  "Republicans, Choose "None of the Above!" " 

Stephen Colbert talked about the Nevada ballot yesterday as was reported by Politicususa:  Apparently you can choose "None of the Above" for President in Nevada.  Colbert suggests that "None of the Above" might be a better choice for Republicans than Romney.

The discussion moved to the differences between the two parties:


I wish that the U.S. had a “none of the above” option on every election that, if it received a majority of the vote, would invalidate the election and cause it to start over. Right now we have corporate idiot #1 running against corporate idiot #2 and people think they have to choose one or the other. This cycle is the same. I think Obama is a horrible corporatist, but there is no way I am going to vote for Romney when his whole agenda will be setting up sweet deals for his friends.

(I don't know why Obama is a "horrible corporatist".  Are there "not so horrible" corporatists?)

Here's a person who explains to us why it would be great for us to throw our vote away on some kind of third party candidate:

There are 42 other parties in the US to choose from, so let’s let the big boys in the big 2 remember that things were not always like this. We might not still have Federalists, and even though the Whig party was popular in the 1820s, they are still around. The Greens and Reformists are still out there. Learn about these independents and how the media seems to conveniently “forget” about them. The playing field needs to be leveled, and knowledge is power. We can be more powerful than they ever considered in their wildest nightmares. There are more than two options, let’s us them!

The answer to this:
While I’d be glad that the Republicans throw away their votes on a third party, if Democrats do that, you (we) can kiss your (our) freedom goodbye.
The two parties are nowhere near alike. One is for people, the other for corporations. One (at least the liberal part) is for freedom, the other would have theocracy and our lives sold to the corporations for profit.

I agree.. and why isn't that evident to 99% of the people out there?  

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