Friday, July 20, 2012

"Real Americans Don't Care About Afghanistan"

"Real Americans Don't Care About Afghanistan"

According to this article at the Huffington Post, real Americans don't care about a candidate's Afghanistan policy.

A senior adviser to Mitt Romney declined to provide more specific details on the presumptive GOP nominee's plan for Afghanistan on Thursday, saying it was a distraction from what "real Americans want to talk about." 


A few good comments from some "real Americans":

I really am tired of people assuming who real Americans are.  Last time I looked nobody in this race and a lot of people in both parties in Congress ever served in the military of this country.  A lot of them including Mr. Mitt were draft dodgers.  My family has sent more people to war than I care to think about.  My father served in WW II in the Pacific as  a gunner on torpedo 
These political sad sacks have no business telling anyone who is an American, and who is not.  I am really tired of the chicken hawks and their total disregard for the Americans who served their country. And for someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth who ran off to France to avoid the draft, I have no respect. 

I think real Americans are being wounded or killed in Afghanistan. I think real American families face any variety of griefs, on a daily basis -- from mourning the loss of a loved one, to caring for a returning service member with one disability or another. I think real Americans question the wisdom and efficacy of this prolonged war, in a part of the world notoriously resistant to foreign intervention. I think real Americans are tired of ponying up the costs that come due, when leaders like Romney have no idea what real Americans think. 

Real Americans (53%) want to see him release more tax returns. 

Don't weep for Romney. This is his doing. He had the entire GOP primary to draft real policy for the general election. Romney doesn't have many policies on anything other than, "Obama is bad, he's foreign, he doesn't get the economy."  

Romney has spent so much time disagreeing with every word Obama has said that he hasn't created a coherent policy for anything. Just five digits ready to sign the Ryan Plan. But hey, that's all the GOP wants anyway. 

Mitt Romney advisors recently said " Afghanistan was a distraction from what "real Americans want to talk about." Talk about a slap in the face to average soldier who served in Afgahnistan! Combine this with the fact that "Mitt" made a good chunk of his personal fortune using American tax dollars to send American jobs oversees and I gotta say he's not impressing Me very much. If fact, Mr. Romney is starting look a lot like the poster child for everything the average guy on main street USA hates about the big Multinational Corporations, Banks & Wall Street! 

Maybe those are the same "real Americans" who vote Republican b/c they've been told the Dems are godless heathens who want to make your children gay, give away gov't funds to minorities, tax you to death so you can never be rich, and open the borders so that Mexicans can eventually take over the country. And while they sell these tall tales to the "real Americans", those GOPers are laughing behind their backs.

And finally this gem from "outlandish"....

I’ve learned so much from you, Mitt, since you decided to run for president again.

I learned that corporations are people... and that Real Americans are clueless and that’s how you prefer them.

I‘ve learned that Real Americans don’t care that the worldwide depression was caused by job outsourcing for easy profits.. globalization that sends jobs to the 

I’ve also learned that Real Americans don’t care if those that take in 90% of the national income, people like you, pay little or no tax but want to see the half of the population that take in 1% of the national income pay 13% tax (According to the “marvelous” MR. Ryan Plan) So you and the guys with nearly all of it pay even less taxes and offshore tax haven banking will become legal again, after it became illegal in 2010. Or that the deficit was made much worse by the shortfall in revenue through tax cuts in time of war-- But Real Americans want to cut your taxes, Mitt, and see theirs rise because you’re a job creator somewhere on the planet and they want to suffer for your lifestyle.

Another thing you taught me, Mitt. is that you expect Real Americans to fight another corporate run hostile takeover of a sovereign nation for its assets-- and then install a corporate government run on no bid contacts operated by people who are donating by the billions to see you elected.  And none of those donors, their children, your children or anybody of privilege will serve but real Americans will lose their lives to create profits.  

I know you plan to privatize the VA as a final slap in the face to those Real Americans who think they are bleeding in the middle east for their nation.

I also know that you have an aversion for war zones Mitt and have not scheduled a trip to Afghanistan so far and that you have a track record of sporting the color yellow and running off to France when your number was up in the era of Vietnam.

By this time in the last election cycle Obama had visited Afghanistan and Iraq several times, spoken to the enlisted personnel up through to the generals and started formulating a direction aimed at finishing off Bush’s vain gungho follies for profit that emptied the national treasury.  But apparently Real Americans are like you and don’t care about our longest running military misadventure, the one you clearly stated we should drag out indefinitely and not leave.

No, people, Both Parties are NOT the same!  If you think they are, I have a big bridge you might like..  Price reduced!

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