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The Alt-Right's War Against Women; RIP Heather Heyer

Liberals, progressives, and Democrats do NOT have any war against Christmas, no matter what the Republicans and fundamentalists say.  

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But the Alt-Right, the white supremacists who marched with torchlights to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend of August 11-13, are definitely engaging in a disgusting, disturbing War Against Women that is just as vile, just as repulsive, as the racism and antisemitism that these people espouse.

Are there more White Supremacists?  Or are they just crawling out of the woodwork now?

Where did these young male white supremacists come from?  Are they increasing in number or just crawling out of the woodwork since the election of Donald Trump?  I honestly don't know.

In the past, I'd dismiss these white supremacists/Alt- Right characters with their Pepe the frog emblem as annoying.  I have told myself that this is just a tiny minority of people, mostly young white men, in this country, and their prejudice and hate doesn't affect me.

But I think that too many of us have been too cavalier in dismissing all of the rhetoric and propaganda from the Alt-Right.  I'm still not sure how we counter this rhetoric, but I don't think we should ignore it.  Not any more.  Not after this weekend; actually, not since the election of Donald Trump and the appointment of people such as Steven Bannon, Stephen Miller, and Sebastian Gorka to Trump's inner circle.

The Death of a Young Woman 

It was bad enough, tragic enough, that a young, lovely woman, Heather Heyer, 32 years old, was killed Saturday, August 12, as the direct result of the hate and insanity of the Alt-Right White Supremacists in Charlottesville, but the treatment, the portrayal of her by these Alt-Right goons is terrifying and heart-breaking.  If they can go after a dead woman with such venom, what would they do to the living?

Let's back up.  Ms. Heyer lost her life on Saturday, August 12, when one of the Alt-Right marchers rammed his car into a group of peaceful "counter" marchers; that is, people marching to protest the Alt-Right/White Supremacist contingent.  That wasn't the only episode of violence over the weekend, but it was the worst.  19 other people were hurt, 4 or 5 of them critically, when the guy rammed his car into that line of marchers and then backed out, all at a relatively high rate of speed.   The videos of this attack are widely available online and they are horrifying.

But to make bad things worse, much worse..

Some time in the evening of August 13th, one of the gems of the Alt-Right movement, an editor for a website that seems to portray itself as the nexus of the Alt-Right Neo-Nazi movement, the Daily Stormer, a man named (or using the pen name of) Andrew Anglin penned an "article" about the young lady that died. 

An aside..

The website had been hosted by GoDaddy, but in the wee hours of August 14th, GoDaddy gave the site 24 hours to find another hosting service or they were going to pull down the site for violating its terms of service. I do not know whether or not the site is still operational as I write this, around noon CDT, August 14th.

Did Anonymous hack the Stormer?  Or did Stormer pretend Anonymous hacked the Stormer?

Someone took down the incredibly offensive article that I am about to recount and instead posted a short message that the Daily Stormer had been hacked by Anonymous; however, Anonymous was going to leave the site up for about 24 more hours.. Strangely enough, the 24 hours was the exact length of time that GoDaddy had given the Stormer to find another host.

There is much speculation that the Stormer itself took down the incredibly offensive article and claimed that it had been taken over by Anonymous, but I don't think we know. In any event, many thousands of people saw the repulsive spiel to which this young woman was subjected.

Too Vile to Post

I'm going to post some of this horrible article here so that, even if the Stormer does survive, you don't have to give that site any unnecessary clicks.  I do have the full rant copied in its complete original form, but, in my opinion, it is too vile to post without some annotation.  Even with annotation, it is really too vile to post.
I am more sickened over this article from the Stormer than I am about most of which I read over the weekend.

So why am I posting about this hateful piece of dog doo?

1. Because we need to know how horrible these people really are. We need to know what we are up against. I can't imagine anything more odious than their "take" on Ms. Heyer, and their discussions of women. I've heard some of these hateful things before, but to actually see them in writing; to see them attached to a young woman who is DEAD is beyond appalling.

2.  Because, even if the Stormer finds a home at which to land, nobody should be giving that disgusting, despicable, vile rag any clicks.  I thought for an hour before I clicked over to that miserable site.

Shaming a beautiful young woman who is DEAD?? Dead due to a white separatist Nazi running her down in a CAR is the lowest of the low.   Trashing women in general??  Don't these Stormer people have mothers, sisters, even a few wives and daughters?  Is this what they think of their own flesh and blood?
How did we get to this point in this country?

So it starts...  

(If you are easily nauseated, you do not have to read any further.  You already have the idea.)

Above a photo of the lovely young woman, Heather Heyer, who died on Saturday, is this headline, abbreviations mine:
Heather Heyer: Woman Killed in Road Rage Incident was a F*t, Childless 32-Year-Old Sl*t
The author then makes a point that the dead woman had no children.  He goes on to list 5 "fat facts" about this young woman, about women in general, and about this incident.  I believe that if you asked the author about this insulting, demeaning rant, he would claim that he is just "joking" and it was "satire".  (Remind you of a certain individual occupying the White House who claims that offensive and iditoic tweets are just "jokes"?)   

Some of the five points are more offensive than others, but I will list them all in an abbreviated manner.  The words and phrases in blue are direct quotes from the article.  You will get the point.

1.  Useless childless women:
1) She was (obese) and a Drain on Society

He claims that "most people are glad she is dead as she is the definition of uselessness." He claims that a 32 year old woman without children is "a burden on society and has no value."

He takes off against women in general:

He says that women live an average of 5 years longer than men "due to female privilege, and the fact that they do virtually nothing their entire lives." He claims that, had Heather not been killed, she would have lived for 49 more years "leeching off of men's work." He also claims that "Childless women are black hole vortexes of public money and energy."

(As she was not married, did not have children, and she worked to support herself, this makes no sense, but none of it does. But neither did the rants of the Nazis in Germany against the Jews, the Slavs, against gay people, against the disabled. And they also thought that women should not be working outside the home and should only be reproducing.)

He claims that "hundreds of thousands of dollars would have been spent propping-up (Heather) who had failed to do her most basic duty - her only real duty, in fact - and reproduce."

He makes the absurd conclusion that "it can be assumed" that women who attain the age of 32 without children have had multiple abortions and are therefore child murderers.

2.  Anglin implies that it was her fault that she was hit by this horrible man because she appears to be heavy:
2) Too F*t to Dodge a Dodge
He claims that a "Dodge Challenger is a fast car."  Because Heather appears to be overweight she was too "slow, slow, slow" to get out of the way of the car.  
He attributes the following to "one observer":
In the video, you can clearly see that most people dodge the charging Dodge. Heather was unable to dodge the Dodge, because she was “just too f#cking (large) to really move much at all.” 
He then claims that the driver saved "us" a lot of money because the costs to feed a woman "of this size" for another 49 years would be "astronomical".

3.  More nonsensical and unsubstantiated garbage:
3) Protesting White Men
She was attending the rally to protest white men.

Her social media history shows that she sought the complete abolition of the white race.

Ironically, she hated the cops who attended this rally to support her anti-White agenda.

Anglin continues his litany of hate.

He claims that she was still trying to get into relationships with men:  

She would then no doubt try to guilt trip those men who got caught up in that situation (probably while drunk) into giving her their personal energies. 
He goes into a diatribe that all older women (32 is old?) are "psychic vampires" and "it is clear that Heather Heyer was playing this game hard."    

He mentions she was a Bernie Sanders supporter; I have no idea how that ties into an "older" woman trying to find men.

4.  Number 4 keys on the driver and, quite frankly, I didn't understand most of it, though he does excuse the driver Field's terrorist assault as "road rage":
4) Driver was a Straight Player
The driver of the of the car, James Fields, was a hardcore player, and sources claim that he didn’t give a f#ck. 
Despite the cool demeanor he shows in his social media profile pictures, it appears that road rage got the best of him. 
Though many people are expressing outrage after the crash, there are also many wondering if the outrage is not simply player hatred, rather than actually concern over the death of some useless (insulting word for woman; much worse than bitch; synonym for pig).  
Elizabeth Warren, for instance, has repeatedly been accused of player hate. 

In 2015, Warren co-sponsored the “Game Prevention Act” which sought to “shut down the game, to prevent players from playing women like fiddles.” 

Despite the fact that she claims not to hate the player but simply “oppose the game,” she has been dogged for years over allegations of straight-up player hate.
I have no idea what "player hate" is nor what it means to be a "straight player". There is no piece of legislation listed that Warren sponsored that would in any way be considered Game Prevention Act. "Hardcore" does have a meaning in terms of gaming; probably a derivation. Again, the author is probably engaging in something that, to him, seems like satire.

5. Publicity stunt by Dodge? Could this get any weirder or more offensive?
5) Publicity Stunt by Dodge?
The same day of the crash, Dodge was promoting a “Roadkill Nights” event.

Anglin included a photo from an event at He continues:
It is extremely coincidental that Dodge would be promoting “Roadkill Nights” the same day as a driver of their vehicle roadkilled a ... woman.
This incident is extremely good viral advertising for Dodge, and I have no doubt that they will start advertising the Challenger as a “f*tty smasher.” They may also use the slogan “Dodge this!”
However, it is unlikely that James Fields would agree to be involved in a publicity stunt like this, as he is likely facing life in prison.
So it is more likely that it was just meme magic.
Fascinating.  This Andrew Anglin creep may be merely engaging in satire as he trashes a young woman who was murdered by an Alt Right White Supremacist.  As I wrote above, perhaps the whole disgusting piece was satire.  Anglin ends with the understatement of the year; that it is unlikely that Fields would be involved in a publicity stunt like this as he is now likely facing life in prison.

I ask again:

How did this happen? How did we get to this point in this country?

And, more important, what do we do now?

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