Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Raise the Minimum Wage! Republicans? Democrats?

Raising the Minimum Wage is a "wedge non-issue"?  Nope!

There are some people and politicians out there who think that raising the minimum wage is not a good idea.  They contend that it will cost jobs; that people who want a better job should "work harder" or "go to school".

Some "Both Parties are the same" people would say that the debate about the minimum wage is just a divisive wedge "non-issue" that the two parties use to keep the "regular people" or the "sheeple" at each other's throats.

But I doubt that people trying to survive on the minimum wage would consider their day-to-day financial struggles to be "non-issues".  An overwhelming majority of people in this country DO believe that the minimum wage should be raised, and a few states and municipalities have been successful in raising local minimum wages over the last year or two.

But the federal minimum wage?  Well, last year the Democrats attempted in the Senate attempted to raise the federal minimum wage.  The two parties look completely different when considering their voting records on last year's minimum wage legislation:

The vote, by the way, was not to raise the federal minimum wage to $15, but only to gradually raise it to $10.10. 

(This year's Senate?  The Republican-controlled Senate?  I doubt if such a bill could even make it out of committee.)   

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