Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jeb Bush Criticizes "Obama-Clinton" Foreign Policy?

Come on, Jeb.....  You've got to be kidding.

After hearing of Hillary Rodham Clinton's official entrance into the 2016 Presidential Race, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said:
We must do better than the Obama-Clinton foreign policy that has damaged relationships with our allies and emboldened our enemies. 
Jeb Bush complains about Clinton's foreign policy and reply.
From  Molly Middle's America at Facebook. 

No, Jeb.

Do you really think that the American public won't forget that it was the
BUSH foreign policy...  the foreign policy that your brother presided over.. that damaged relationshps and emboldened our enemies?  And led us into unnecessary, unending wars and altercations that we are still trying to resolve?

I certainly do hope that the American people don't have memories that are that short. 

John Kerry chimes in.

John Kerry, current Secretary of State who succeeded Hillary Clinton, can't jump into partisan politics, but he was asked about her tenure as Secretary of State by George Stephanopoulos on one of the Sunday morning talk shows:  

As you know, your predecessor, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, announcing for president today. And already, her tenure as secretary of state is in the crosshairs.  Marco Rubio is calling her the architect of a failed foreign policy. Ted Cruz, “the Obama-Clinton foreign policy disaster.” Jeb Bush says, “It’s a mess.”

Kerry replied:   

Well, George, as you know, the secretary of state happily is able to not be involved in the presidential hurly-burly. I’m not going to get involved in it now.... 
But I will say that Secretary of State Clinton did a terrific job of rebuilding alliances that had been shredded over the course of the prior years. She spent a lot of time, as you know, working on a number of different issues, including the beginning of the effort with Iran, as well as the Gaza cease-fire and other things.

The fact is that under the last Republican president, America managed to alienate or anger most of the world. George W. Bush’s go-it-alone, with us or against us foreign policy burned the vast majority of the country’s diplomatic alliances. 
Hillary Clinton was tasked with rebuilding those relationships. 
If Republicans want to make the presidential campaign about former Sec. Clinton’s record, they are going to regret opening that door. It is easy to remind voters of foreign policy chaos and tatters that were left behind after the last Republican named Bush was in office.
John Kerry didn’t get partisan in his comments, but he didn’t have to. The facts are more than enough. Republicans want to obsess over the Benghazi scandal while actively undermining and poisoning the work that the Obama administration is doing. Republicans want voters to believe that Obama’s foreign policy, and by extension Hillary Clinton’s, are failures. 

I'll repeat:  Let's just hope that the American people are sick enough of war and massive debts due to wars that they don't buy the Republicans' twisted finger-pointing.

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