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Racist, Misogynists, Xenophobes ARE deplorable.

Some comments and thoughts about this whole "racists are deplorable" controversy:

No, Hillary didn't quite say "racists are deplorable" (though they are); she
actually said:

You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables, right?  The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic -- you name it.
Basket of Deplorables cartoon by Clay Jones at

Well, racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, Islamaphobes.. They are deplorable, aren't they?  Now, do half of Trump supporters fall into this category?
If you support a man who mocks people who are disabled, who has said terrible things about women, who feels that a judge can't be fair due to his Mexican heritage, who calls Mexicans and immigrants "rapists and criminals", who wants to exclude Muslims from the country, etc. etc., then aren't you, by definition, a racist, xenophobe, misogynist, etc... because how else could you support the guy?  

Seems to me that at least half of Trump supporters might easily fall into that deplorable bucket; in fact here's a poll from Reuters from last spring that seems to show that about half of Trump supporters feel that blacks are more violent and more criminal than whites:   

Some other good comments about this "controversy", found on various Facebook pages and groups:
The "basket of deplorables" love Trump because he has given them permission to scream their hate as a badge of honor. Why should they be offended when they are called on this behavior --when they are publically screaming their hate, proud of it and embracing it? That is all Hillary stated. She is acknowledging these people. So, as these Trump Supporters "dish it", they should be "taking it" proudly, because this is who you are and you are screaming it to all ends of the earth with the permission that Trump has given you.

On Facebook, a poster named Trish said:
Once again what was actually said is not what people heard. She was addressing a small group of his supporters such as white supremacist and the alt right. But that doesn't make for good news does it folks? Everyone will have to lie and make it sound like it was more than what she actually said so they can beat it to death for the rest of her life. But just remember there are those of us out there that heard the words also and we know the truth.
Well, she did say HALF of his supporters, which is more than a small group.  But I fundamentally agree with Trish's take.

Margo posted:
As I told a couple of them, if you don't like the facts about his supporters, think about who you are associating with.

Of course! 

To this comment by Susan:  "I wish this was actually funny instead of tragic." Rebecca wrote:
It is sad. But what can you do? Racism runs deep in the US, I didn't realize it till Trump. I thought we were over this, but I guess not. There are people who HATE people for the color of their skin, or their religion, or their sex, or their sexual preference, or their sexual identity. They are so backwards, like hicks, and that is what people are making fun of:  Trump's White Trash Followers.
Veronica identifies herself as a black woman, and she writes:
(Trump) went into a black church after he has humilated (President Obama) for 7 yrs. I can't wait for Michelle Obama hit the campaign trail.  I keep hearing that the Democrats are not motivated by Hillary.  Well, to that I say that if you aren't, you are downright lazy in thought.  If you think not voting for Hillary won't make a difference than WTH did you vote for Obama for?  If you don't support Hillary, Trump will take great pleasure in making sure that Obama never existed in Washington.  As a black woman, I cannot accept that President Obama will have to stand there as the man who tormented him as though he were a runaway slave will be sworn in as President.  If that happens, the USA is really sick!
Another poster:
It is frightening to me that his supporters actually feel the same as he does. It doesn't say much for our nation as a whole. Since he's been on his quest for the White House, there seems to be so much more hatred and uneasiness. I blame him and what he represents. Hopefully, his supporters will come to their senses.

And this:

I think she should have thought about this comment a little more but then at the same time, his Supporters are shouting Hang her, Lock her up, Kill her and she is not supposed to say anything, Really ?
Veronica also wrote:
I am a supporter of Hillary Clinton who believes she needed to say it.  I am sick of her having to look over her shoulder and try to court voters who have called for her to be locked up, executed by gunfire, bitch, cunt, murderer, (and those are the good ones!)  So to hell with them because if you are going to SUPPORT THE BIGOT THAN YOU ARE WHAT HE IS IN MY EYES.  This man can disparage African Americans, women, the disabled, Latinos, gays, Native Americans, Asians but somehow his supporters are hurt by Hillary's words?  HELL, EVEN DONALD TRUMP CALLED HIS OWN SUPPORTERS NOT EDUCATED.  In other words, they are slow as a rock and it doesn't move unless you pick it up. 
Another woman replied to Veronica:

I agree with you - the horrific things I've heard the umpa lumpa supporters call Hillary are disgusting, and you have named a few of the worst - and they're upset because she called them deplorable? Talk about thin-skinned racists!  I thought they were tougher than that - I can hear them crying.
KR comments:

Deplorable means 'deserving strong condemnation' - She is right to say that the racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic - "the haters" - are deplorable (and yes, this 'haters' group does seem to be a group that does seem to make up a large portion of Trump supporters). And she acknowledges that this is not every person who claims to be a Trump supporter - but that there is a large 'hate group' of these folks who support him... If you actually have the vocabulary to understand what she said and you pay attention to the entire set of statements - it is reasonable. She is not 'name calling' or hating - she is expressing the view that we as a nation of civilized citizens should not condone racism, sexism, homophobic behavior and xenophobic behavor. I agree with that.

With a hashtag of #clintonspoketruth, a poster writes:

Do not apologize for truth. It sad that it was all twisted and spun and phrases taken out of context by the media and the 'other side' ----- and it is sad the racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic do not understand what was said.

From Elaine:
The Trump racist bigots got off easy with Hillary. I think Trump's supporters are far beyond deplorable. Deplorable doesn't even get close. The stench from their insane hatred has already damaged this country. It is nauseating. Not sure we can survive this. If Trump manages to steal this election through voter fraud and intimidation and Putin's hacking we won't survive the nuclear blast that Trump will initiate. Be sure to vote Blue. It might be our last chance.

It is deplorable that the list of deplorable things done and said by the Republican nominee for president is so long it's hard and exhausting to try to remember them all.

I've collected a few articles about this topic, and I will add to this list as I find good, relevant articles:

From CNN: How Trump Has Normalized the Deplorable

From Politico: Why Clinton Isn't Sweating the Deplorables:

From the Huffington Post: Trump has insulted more Americans than Hillary.

From Think Progress: Hillary Clinton is right about Trump supporters. This is what the polling data says.
From the Washington Post: Spare me the phony outrage!

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