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Who Are the CongressCritters Who Follow the Koch Brothers 100% of the Time?

The 100% Club

Americans for Prosperity:  You've heard of them, right?

Americans for Prosperity and the Americans for Prosperity Foundation were both founded by and largely funded by the conservative libertarian Koch Brothers, David and Charles.  It is unclear how much input the Kochs have on the day-to-day work of AFP, which is now headed by a conservative named Tim Phillips, but HERE's a good overview from Factcheck org.  Americans for Prosperity is considered to be a major vehicle for the Kochs and their lobbying efforts on behalf of conservative libertarian causes and government policies.

100% Koch Congress People
This photo taken from the homepage of the Americans for Prosperity scorecard found HERE

But this article is about how members of Congress fare according to the ranking and rating systems of Americans for Prosperity.  AFP puts out a rating and ranking system for members of the US Congress, both the House and the Senate.  In these ratings, if you favor more liberal and progressive postions, LOW scores are good and HIGH scores are bad.  Members of Congress get ratings by the session and over their lifetimes.  The AFP ratings go back to 2007-2008 Congressional session.     

In summary:

To summarize these ratings, there is very little cross over between the Democrats and the Republicans in the Americans For Prosperity ratings.  Almost all Democrats get very low scores (Remember, low is good!).. .and almost all Republicans get very high scores (High scores = bad!)

Bernie Sanders?  Hillary Clinton?

In terms of lifetime averages from the Americans for Prosperity people, Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has a measly 5% lifetime score.  (Remember, low = good.)  Nope, he is certainly not a Koch puppet.  

Hillary Clinton?  Her lifetime score from her years in the Senate was even lower than Senator Sanders:  She had a 4% lifetime score....  which makes Charles Koch's tepid statement about Hillary Clinton perhaps being "better" than a Republican Presidential candidate very, very strange indeed.

So.. Who does well according to Americans for Prosperity?

Which CongressPeople are busy doing the bidding of the Koch Brothers and Americans for Prosperity?  Thirty-one (31) Senators, including current and former Presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul have voted the AFP/Koch way 100% of the time.  Seventy-eight (78) Representatives have voted with the Kochs 100% of the time.   

Below, in order by "current score", meaning the current legislative session, are the current Senators and Representatives who have received 100% ratings from Americans for Prosperity in the current Congressional (2015-2016) session.  (We'll be looking at the CongressPeople who have very low scores later today.)

Notice that these 100% Koch CongressCritters are all Republicans?

No, Both Parties are NOT the Same!   

Rep. Marsha BlackburnTN7R100%88%
Rep. Michael BurgessTX26R100%90%
Rep. Rob BishopUT1R100%90%
Rep. David BratVA7R100%50%
Rep. Brian BabinTX36R100%100%
Rep. Rod BlumIA1R100%100%
Rep. Ken BuckCO4R100%100%
Rep. Steven ChabotOH1R100%94%
Rep. John CulbersonTX7R100%88%
Rep. John CarterTX31R100%85%
Rep. K. ConawayTX11R100%90%
Rep. Jason ChaffetzUT3R100%89%
Rep. Mike CoffmanCO6R100%96%
Rep. Doug CollinsGA9R100%87%
Rep. Jeffrey DuncanSC3R100%97%
Rep. Scott DesJarlaisTN4R100%89%
Rep. Ron DeSantisFL6R100%96%
Rep. Trent FranksAZ8R100%97%
Rep. John FlemingLA4R100%95%
Rep. Blake FarentholdTX27R100%79%
Rep. Bill FloresTX17R100%78%
Rep. Scott GarrettNJ5R100%97%
Rep. Louie GohmertTX1R100%93%
Rep. Tom GravesGA14R100%94%
Rep. Paul GosarAZ4R100%92%
Rep. Trey GowdySC4R100%96%
Rep. Jeb HensarlingTX5R100%93%
Rep. Andy HarrisMD1R100%93%
Rep. Tim HuelskampKS1R100%98%
Rep. Bill HuizengaMI2R100%87%
Rep. Robert HurtVA5R100%85%
Rep. Richard HudsonNC8R100%81%
Rep. Jody HiceGA10R100%100%
Rep. Sam JohnsonTX3R100%86%
Rep. Jim JordanOH4R100%99%
Rep. Steve KingIA4R100%89%
Rep. Doug LambornCO5R100%97%
Rep. Robert LattaOH5R100%86%
Rep. Raul LabradorID1R100%97%
Rep. Barry LoudermilkGA11R100%100%
Rep. Mia LoveUT4R100%100%
Rep. Jeff MillerFL1R100%89%
Rep. Kenny MarchantTX24R100%91%
Rep. Kevin McCarthyCA23R100%86%
Rep. Tom McClintockCA4R100%100%
Rep. Mick MulvaneySC5R100%97%
Rep. Alex MooneyWV2R100%100%
Rep. Randy NeugebauerTX19R100%94%
Rep. Richard NugentFL11R100%88%
Rep. Pete OlsonTX22R100%88%
Rep. Tom PriceGA6R100%93%
Rep. Bill PoseyFL8R100%97%
Rep. Mike PompeoKS4R100%98%
Rep. Scott PerryPA4R100%85%
Rep. Robert PittengerNC9R100%85%
Rep. Gary PalmerAL6R100%100%
Rep. Dana RohrabacherCA48R100%89%
Rep. Ed RoyceCA39R100%89%
Rep. Paul RyanWI1R100%84%
Rep. Todd RokitaIN4R100%83%
Rep. Dennis RossFL15R100%87%
Rep. Keith RothfusPA12R100%89%
Rep. John RatcliffeTX4R100%100%
Rep. F. SensenbrennerWI5R100%93%
Rep. Lamar SmithTX21R100%83%
Rep. Adrian SmithNE3R100%88%
Rep. Steve ScaliseLA1R100%96%
Rep. Aaron SchockIL18R100%82%
Rep. David SchweikertAZ6R100%97%
Rep. Marlin StutzmanIN3R100%93%
Rep. Austin ScottGA8R100%87%
Rep. Chris StewartUT2R100%77%
Rep. Scott TiptonCO3R100%84%
Rep. Tim WalbergMI7R100%87%
Rep. Brad WenstrupOH2R100%96%
Rep. Roger WilliamsTX25R100%89%
Rep. Mark WalkerNC6R100%100%
Rep. Ted YohoFL3R100%77%
Sen. Roy BluntMOR100%86%
Sen. John BoozmanARR100%88%
Sen. John BarrassoWYR100%93%
Sen. Michael CrapoIDR100%91%
Sen. Shelley CapitoWVR100%67%
Sen. John CornynTXR100%95%
Sen. Bob CorkerTNR100%87%
Sen. Bill CassidyLAR100%80%
Sen. Tom CottonARR100%100%
Sen. Ted CruzTXR100%98%
Sen. Steve DainesMTR100%89%
Sen. Jeff FlakeAZR100%98%
Sen. Deb FischerNER100%88%
Sen. Cory GardnerCOR100%88%
Sen. Orrin HatchUTR100%85%
Sen. James InhofeOKR100%96%
Sen. James LankfordOKR100%90%
Sen. Mike LeeUTR100%99%
Sen. Mitch McConnellKYR100%92%
Sen. Rand PaulKYR100%93%
Sen. David PerdueGAR100%100%
Sen. Jim RischIDR100%92%
Sen. Marco RubioFLR100%98%
Sen. Richard ShelbyALR100%84%
Sen. Jeff SessionsALR100%90%
Sen. Ben SasseNER100%100%
Sen. Dan SullivanAKR100%100%
Sen. John ThuneSDR100%87%
Sen. Patrick ToomeyPAR100%96%
Sen. Thom TillisNCR100%100%
Sen. David VitterLAR100%100%

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