Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bernie Denounce Those SuperPACs Part 2

More SuperPac expenditures for Bernie to denounce:

Last week I wrote that Republican and right-wing funded SuperPACs are spending millions of dollars against Hillary Clinton in the primaries.  I pointed out that, in the primary season, her opponent Bernie Sanders is the biggest beneficiary of those SuperPAC expenditures, not the Republican presidential candidates.

To date, based on FEC SuperPAC disclosure filings for this election season, Republican and right-wing SuperPACs have spent over 7 million dollars opposing Hillary Clinton.... and only about $600,000 opposing Bernie Sanders. 

Now these SuperPACs ARE independent organizations and Bernie can't stop them from spending money that benefits him.

I'll repeat:  He can denounce these PACs.  But I would not put any money on it...

BUT.... he can admit that he is benefitting from these Republican, right-wing expenditures, and he can denounce them.  He can suggest that they stop spending money against Hillary Clinton during the primaries, money that benefits him. After all, he doesn't like SuperPACs and he has said that doesn't want any SuperPAC money supporting him.

Is this another example of Bernie Sanders' hypocrisy?

It's clear that he is certainly indirectly being funded by these nasty SuperPACs that, for whatever reason, want to demolish Hillary Clinton-- even if that means temporaily promoting Bernie Sanders.

Of course, nobody really expects Bernie Sanders the "Pure" to look a gift horse in the mouth, do they?  And Bernie supporters are quick to say that there is nothing that Bernie can do about this AND this is perfectly legal.  However, the essence of the disastrous hated Citizen's United Supreme Court decision was money spent AGAINST Hillary Clinton in 2008.  So Bernie is condemning out-of-control campaign finance, complaining that Hillary Clinton has too many organizations giving money either directly to her campaign or to PACs which support her... but at the same he benefits from that out-of-control campaign finance.  And he refuses to condemn this form of out-of-control campaign finance.

April 2016
So what's up this month?  (I am working on a summary of money spent against Hillary and against Bernie in this election to date, but, in the meantime, I don't want to fall behind.)

Let's look at a quick summary of money spent AGAINST Hillary Clinton vs. money spent AGAINST Bernie Sanders in April 2016:

Money spent against Hillary Clinton in April 2016:
  • $11,430 reported on April 14 by American Crossroads (Karl Rove et al) for "Web Ad Production and Online Advertising".
  • $28,600  reported on April 13  by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste for various aspects of creating a direct mail package. 
  • About $7,000 reported on April 10 by the Virgin Islands Republican Party for "Voter Contact Mail".
  • $35,000 reported on April 4 by the Stop Hillary PAC for online advertising, Facebook advertising, "external deployment costs", and "rental fees".  (External deployment?  What might that be?) 
  • About $11,500 reported on April 1 by the Virgin Islands Republican Party for "Voter Contact Mail". 

So far, through April 14, 2016, SuperPACs have reported spending about $95,000 AGAINST Hillary Clinton.  

Money spent against Bernie Sanders in April 2016:
  • ZERO.  Yes, that's right. ZERO.  Crossroads, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, and the Virgin Islands Republican Party so far don't seem to want to bother spending money against Bernie Sanders-- at least not now.  Perhaps they want to get Hillary out of Presidential contention.  
So far, through April 14, 2016, SuperPACs have reported spending about ZERO AGAINST Bernie Sanders.

Bernie's SuperPACs roll on in early April:  $95,000 against Hillary and ZERO against Bernie.

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