Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Republicans Now Body Slamming Reporters?

I'm sure by now everybody has heard the audio of Montana Republican Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte body-slamming Guardian journalist Ben Jacobs in Bozeman, Montana, a few hours ago.

The special election for Montana's Representative-at-large seat is tomorrow, Thursday, May 25.  Ben Jacobs wanted to ask Gianforte what he thought of the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) scoring of the Republican health care bill, also known as #TrumpDontCare.  Gianforte rewarded him for his professional persistence by grabbing "Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slam(ming) him into the ground behind him."

The Fox report continues:
Faith, Keith and I watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began punching the reporter. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, "I'm sick and tired of this!"

Yes, you read that right!  A FOX News crew apparently confirmed Jacob's account of the event.  (A few at Fox are getting religion?)      

Ben Jacobs did call the cops and he did go to the Emergency Room for x-rays of his elbow.  His glasses were allegedly broken in the incident.

So... Will Greg Gianforte be arrested for assault and spend election day in the pokey, a place in which increasing numbers of Republicans may soon be spending time?  He should be arrested, but the sheriff of the county, a man named Brian Gootkin, is a donor to Gianforte's campaign.
Update:  Gianforte received a citation for misdemeanor assault. “Following multiple interviews and an investigation by the Gallatin county sheriff’s office it was determined there was probable cause to issue a citation to Greg Gianforte for misdemeanor assault,” sheriff Brian Gootkin said in a statement. “The nature of the injuries did not meet the statutory elements of felony assault. Greg Gianforte received a citation on Wednesday night and is scheduled to appear in Gallatin county justice court between now and June 7, 2017.”

There is even a Russian tie-in:

Ben Jacobs apparently busted Gianforte a few weeks back on his connections to Russia in this article at the Guardian: 

 A Republican congressional candidate has financial ties to a number of Russian companies that have been sanctioned by the US, the Guardian has learned. 
Greg Gianforte, who is the GOP standard bearer in the upcoming special election in Montana, owns just under $250,000 in shares in two index funds that are invested in the Russian economy to match its overall performance.

Did Gianforte know who Jacobs was?  Was this payback for Jacobs' article?


I have heard that volunteers for the Democratic candidate Rob Quist are using the audio of Gianforte body-slamming Jacobs as they contact voters.  I have also heard that either Move On or the DCCC was using the story about Jacobs in a last- minute 5-digit ad buy for Quist. 

Unfortunately, Montana is a western state, so the polls will close late.  Also, unfortunately, about two-thirds of votes in this election have already been cast.  But I'll stay up and watch those numbers come in anyway.

A physical attack against a member of the press is disgusting and clearly a violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of this country... as well as a violation of Montana's laws against assault.

Let's see if Bozeman, Montana's sheriff, the man who donated to Gianforte's campaign will actually do the right thing and lock up the guy.  (See the update above:  No, they didn't lock up the guy, but he was issued a citation.)

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  1. sure hope they lock him up, i need to know if they don't so i can raise hell


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