Thursday, May 18, 2017

My "Eulogy" for Roger Alies

My "eulogy" to Roger Ailes, who died this morning, May 18, 2017:

Roger Ailes from New York Magazine

"He created Fox News based on lies and hate. He was a filthy, disgusting pig of a man. He turned people, hurting people, people who have been harmed by the anti-union, anti-labor, anti-working class policies of Republicans INTO Republicans themselves!

These people who really needed politicians who would take their side were instead deceived into thinking that uber-rich Republicans, Ailes, Lee Atwater and all of their friends, were on THEIR side. These uber-rich Republicans used the pain, the ignorance, the racism of a large number of Americans, particularly blue-collar and displaced workers, for their own benefit. They made a mockery of our democratic institutions and they brought us (ultimately) Donald Trump.

Without Ailes and his Fox News, we might actually have universal health insurance, good public schools, a lower national debt, more income and wealth equality, and a generally better quality of life in this country.

I generally don't think we should speak ill of the dead, but I make an exception for the pig Ailes.

I spit on his grave, wherever it may be."

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