Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why This Election Is So Close

It's very clear why this election is so close:  If it's not racism; it's absolute intentional misinformation.

I don't think I can convince Thor, but maybe you, dear reader, can convince... somebody.

I found the following very long comment from "Thor" at Bloomberg's Business Week in an article about Democrats holding an early voting advantage.  To be honest, there are so many misconceptions coloring this person's feelings that I don't think I can rebut all that he says.  I've left the spelling and sentence structure as is; I can't tell if the person writing is foreign or just not well educated.  However, "Thor" has put so many Republican talking points together and the election is getting closer, so this will be one of my last attempts to provide a comprehensive retort to such a diatribe.

From the content of Thor's comments, it is unlikely that this man has anything to gain from a Romney/Ryan "let the rich get richer" presidency.  But he's been sold quite a bill of goods.  His comments are in blue, mine below in black:

Obama's Accomplishments 
Mit Romey should win the Presidency. Why? Becuse President Obama and it's staff was a complete failure managing, reforming, and trying to make changes for this great nation. I don't think that I could count five different things that the Obama's staff/party did accomplish correctly for the good of all people of this nation during the last four years.

Try Googling "Obama's accomplishments".  You will find many more than five.   If you can't list five things that Obama has done for this country, you are too uninformed to vote.

Start with this link right here:  Please Cut the Crap!


Instead, what we experienced was food prices and gasoline prices went up;
national deficit went up by the trillions of dollars;

The inflation rate under Obama has been LOWER than the inflation rate under ANY president going back to perhaps Kennedy (quick look).  Check out the Misery Index, both the monthly and yearly rates.  And gasoline prices are now coming down after a spike this summer.  Compare the gas prices this year with that under George Bush.

The National Debt

national deficit went up by the trillions of dollars;
Please, Thor, old buddy.  Let's remember that Republicans complaining about the debt (not the deficit...look up the difference) are like pigeons complaining about bird droppings.  

Since you did mention the deficit, I bet you don't know that the yearly budget deficit has increased the lowest as a percent under Obama's administration than all presidential administrations going back decades?  (When I find that link, I will post it.)  

Taxes on the middle and lower classes? 

midlle and poor class people were tax when he did promise that he would not do that;
No source; no idea what you are talking about here, Thor, as taxes have been lower under Obama than under any recent president.


un-employment went up;

Thor, sweetie, did you really just climb out from under a rock in January 2009?  Obama inherited the WORST RECESSION in 80 years.  WORST ONE.  We were losing 800,000 jobs a month when Obama took office.  We had already lost 4.6 million jobs by the time Obama took office.  And:  Do you remember what was going on in this country in January 2009?

And now unemployment is going down.  Here's a little chart for you, Thor--

Food Stamps
people on food stamps went up by 16 million people;
Rinse, lather, repeat.  Obama inherited the WORST economic disaster in 80 years.  This country was teetering at the brink of a massive second Great Depression and we pulled ourselves out of it with help from policies introduced and supported by Obama and the Democrats.  Because so many people went without jobs, because eligibility for SNAP was loosened in a few ways due to the recovery act, we do have more people on food stamps, but the numbers appear to have peaked and are heading down.  Here's a great read on Food Stamps.  Thank heavens we have food stamps.  I don't think we would be a very good country if this country, such a rich country with so many rich and middle class people, allowed unlucky people to starve on the street, do you?  Well, maybe you do.  

And if you are going to name a "Food stamp president", you might want to finger George Bush:   

Medicare Savings

medicare was cut off out of 716 billion dollars that covers our senior citizens health care;
I've already addressed this on this blog.  It's not too difficult to find the CORRECT information about the 718 billion in Medicare SAVINGS; I'll repeat:  SAVINGS that will protect Medicare for an extra either years.  

Health Care Reform

in addition, its health care reform do not provide us as citizens the choice to choose our own doctors because it takes our freedom to choose doctors that might be better out of their network; 
This is another "Huh?"  Where did you get that information?  It is completely wrong.  You can choose your own doctor.  Why in the world would you assume that all of the "better" doctors are going to leave your network (if that's what you mean)?  Come on, Thor, stop watching Fox News.  Have you talked to your doctor?  Is he/she planning on leaving his/her practice due to ObamaCares?  

Gas prices/companies going overseas

plus the government did not stop the outregeous increase of fuel prices as well as it did not control the exit of many companies living U.S. soil to do business else where in the world.

Umm.....  Did the government stop the "outregeous" increase of fuel prices under Bush?  Did you support Bush?  You do understand that there isn't that much the president can do about fuel prices, right?  Or do you believe that the Keystone pipeline is the answer to our fuel problems?

About companies "living U.S. soil":  Where's your source on that?  You do realize that outsourcing has been going on for decades now.. and it has generally gotten worse under Republican presidents?  Because of their pro-business anti-worker policies? 

Embassy Security

Furthermore, the government demonstrate their weakness on Embasy security procedures and the lack of U.S. protection abroad.

Nonsense.  We've had attacks on American interests abroad for decades now.  Actually, it's gotten much better under Obama.  So.. ask yourself: Will Romney Protect Our Embassies? 

Immigration Reform

And for the latin and the Asian people mostly he promise an immigration reform that never happen.
Source on that one?  You have heard about the DREAM act, I take it?  The Republicans filibustered it time and time again.  Check that link to the Wikipedia entry about the DREAM act.  

So President Obama did what he could without Congressional approval; he issued a memorandum "Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals"  so that young people who came to this country at a young age can stay here without fear of deportation.

Obama deceives through his speeches? 
The true is that if we were blind we would continue to vote for Obama because he is a great speaker and knows how to deceive the public opinion to do its will.
Well, he obviously isn't as great a speaker as you think he is because you have been deceived and lied to by...  Fox?  Breitbart?  Limbaugh?  Hannity?  Other right wing blogs?  So I would say that they are much better deceivers than Obama, at least for you and others who think as you do.  You accept lies as truths; you don't research anything; you post things that I've never even heard of; things that are easily debunked by a little thing called Google.
"No Good Results"
However, for people like me that measure up the capabilities and dedication and responsibilities of the president as a top manager; the true is that he don't deserve the position that we gave him four years ago during the elections where he offered us a ton of changes and now four years later we cannot see any good results for the people of this great nation.

Wow.  You are gullible.  Who tells you these things?  Did you really vote for Obama four years ago?
As I said above, start by Googling "Obama's Accomplishments".  Keep reading until you can rattle off at least ten accomplishments by memory.

Then check out Politifact on Obama's promises from 2008.  Now check out Politifact's "pants on fire" ratings of both  Obama (and some of his "pants on fire" stories go all the way back to 2008) and by Romney during this campaign and in the debates.  You can click around over there and see their total ratings; here's Obama's and here's Romney's.

The Economy

In my book, no matter whether is the manager of a regular company in the private sector or the government, we should always remove out of office those people that are incaple to produce excellent results and have a clear vision of what needs to be done to achieve great results for the good of all people.

That's why I consider a joke to vote for President Obama this year. He already proof that he cannot perform its duties and responsibilities toward changing the economy around in a positive way and/or giving this great nation a secure life for generations to come.

A secure life for generations to come?  Look at what has happened to this country under decades of Republican economic influence:  Income inequality has never been higher.  You can no longer raise and support a family on one income.  Unions are at a low ebb, which is one of the reasons why income inequality is so extreme.  For the past 12 years, we have not had a vibrant economy and a decent unemployment rate such as we had in the 50's, 60's, most of the 70's and even into the 80's and 90's.  Any gains that may be forthcoming under Obama would be turned around lickety-split by the Romney 5-point plan for middle class regression.

Unfortunately for you and other ill-informed Republicans, the economy is and has been turning around for months-- well, actually, years--- now.

Try this:     "This is the Biggest Economic Story in the World!"  and here's what private job creation looks like during Obama's administration:

Romney/Ryan have a "vast experience as excellent governors". 
In that case, I consider that Mit Romey/Ryan with their vast experience as excellent governors might may the difference that we are looking for to bring back this great nation to be number one in the world instead of the current joke that we are experiencing right now.

Paul Ryan was NOT a governor. He was and is a representative to the United States Congress from the state of Wisconsin.  He voted for every budget-busting measure under Bush.  He voted "NO" again and again to most of the policies that Obama and Democrats enacted or tried to enact to help the middle class, including small business owners.  He voted NO to any jobs bill that came along, except Republican "jobs" bills that were really anti-environmental jobs bills.

The United States under Obama has begun to repair its reputation around the world.  Just one quick link about the opinion of Obama in Europe; I'll try to find more.

Romney as a Governor

Romey is the best man for the job this time around and its prior achievements as Governor is a big plus to its success.
You've got to be kidding.  Or just completely ignorant of the facts of Mass under Mitt.  He was a complete and utter failure as the governor of Massachusetts, which is why he is losing by something like 30 points in his "home state".  Massachusetts was 47th in job creation during his tenure.  He knew nothing about bipartisan compromise as he vetoed something like 800 bills passed by the Democratically controlled Massachusetts state legislature and 700 of those vetoes were overridden.  There are many other complaints easy to find (I'll come back and post a few more links.) about the state of Massachusetts' budget, about teachers, about roads.  The best thing he did in Massachusetts was Romneycare which was the proto-type for ObamaCares which you spurn... even though millions of people may live better and longer lives due to the provisions of ObamaCares.

And unemployment under Mitt in Mass was not good at all.  Romney was NOT a job creator in Massachusetts.  

The Best Man for the Job 

We the americans should always choose the best man for the job no by looking to what party affiliation the man comes from but by its life achievements toward the welfare and care of its people and its nation.
Sigh and double sigh.

Thor, good man.  Look, I doubt that you will ever read this.  It is clear that your mind is made up and that "facts" and sources will simply not dissuade you.  You have been convinced that Obama is bad for the country, despite all that he has done for you and me and all of us, under the most trying circumstances in 80 years; and you are convinced that Romney will somehow help the country despite his decades of experience as a business outsourcer/vulture capitalist and his one term as a not-very-well-regarded governor in Massachusetts.  

He lies and lies again and changes his positions to fit whatever way the wind may be blowing today.  He used to complain about FEMA helping out disaster victims.. but that was last year when he was trending right to get the Republican nod.  Now, in the middle of this disaster on the East Coast, he will probably start dancing around that one as well.

In any way, I hope that you and I will never have to find out how truly destructive Mitt Romney as President would be for this country.  Because deep in your heart (unless you are a mega rich person, which I doubt), you probably are a good, decent, but completely misinformed guy, and I pray for you that Obama will be re-elected.  You deserve a solid, healthy life.  And you won't get that from Mitt and the Republicans.  

Neither will I.

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