Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Megyn Kelly or Newt Gingrich: Who Won?

So did Kelly get the best of Gingrich or did Newt wipe the floor with Kelly as the Trumpsters claim?

I'm watching last night's "discussion" between Fox newscaster Megyn Kelly and that idiot Newt Gingrich.  After watching the whole video (in short clips just to make sure my breakfast stayed down), I remember why I don't watch Faux news and their disgusting "guests" like Newt Gingrich.

Screen shot of YouTube video found HERE.

Mr. Republican Establishment/Open Marriage/Overlapping Serial Monogamist Newt Gingrich starts by dismissing the various polls that Kelly mentions, the polls that show Trump losing. Gingrich claims they are "establishment" polls. (The uber-left and the uber-righties are somehow meeting in the back with this anti-establishment rhetoric?) 

Gingrich: "Down with the Establishment, Man."

No, he didn't say in his best 60's voice, "Down with the establishment, man."  But in what kind of parallel universe do we live in in which Newt Gingrich can claim he is not the "establishment"? He is probably still smarting from being tossed out of the Speakership during the Bill Clinton fiasco-- when all of the other top Republican hypocrites pursuing Clinton were themselves guilty of extra-marital affairs and/or sexually predatory conduct.

Kelly is holding her own:  Thank you! 

I have to say that I'm impressed that Kelly is not letting Gingrich get away with his usual crap. Now, I am guilty of screaming at the TV during much of this election season; much of my noise is aimed at the NEWSCASTERS who are letting idiots like KellyAnne Conway and various Trump supporters get away with LIES and assorted bullsh!t. Megyn did hold her own! 

Gingrich then claims that the "three networks" (I guess Fox is not an important big network to him.. Fox is anti-establishment in Trumpland.) spent much more time covering Trump's Boys on the Bus tape and only a fraction on Hillary's "secret speeches". He actually thinks that whatever was illegally obtained about Hillary's speeches is MORE important to this election than Donald's disgusting antics. The loser actually BELIEVES that crap! 

Gingrich went on about "bias". Is there anyone out there reading these words who thinks that comments that were POSSIBLY written by Podesta (not Clinton) in illegally-obtained Wikileaked emails are WORSE than what we heard from Trump's own piggy mouth on that bus? Not to mention the follow up by a dozen women who accused Trump of doing exactly what he admitted to doing on that bus? 

Gingrich pulls out the finger....

Then, after Kelly says something about "IF Trump is a sexual predator", Gingrich starts to go off the deep end and he pulls out the finger: "I'm sick and tired of people like you (pointing with that finger) using language that is inflammatory and not true." Megyn tries to point out that we don't know that it is not true. Gingrich continues wagging that finger: "That is exactly the bias that people are upset by." 

But then Kelly insists that Gingrich listen to her, and he actually agrees for second or two. She made a point that if Trump does grab women by the genitals as he confessed to, it IS a big story. "As a media story, we don't get to say that the ten women are lying. We have to carry that story." Then Gingrich goes on about Hillary's secret speech about an open America .. which I guess is supposed to be a horrible thing. (Why do I think that if we went back into Congressional annals we'd find Gingrich and the whole load of anti-Clinton flunkies voting for NAFTA and other trade agreements.. while they chastise Hillary for POSSIBLY making a very general comment about free trade?) 

Newt really off the rails! Kelly "Fascinated by sex"

Then Gingrich REALLY goes off the rails: He tells Kelly that she is "fascinated by sex and you don't care about public policy." She laughs but then says: "I am fascinated by the protection of women and understanding what we are getting in the Oval Office." Then Gingrich interrupts her and says "We are going to send Bill Clinton back to the East Office. " 

(Kelly "fascinated by sex"?  Why do I think that the only person in that exchange who was at that point in time "fascinated by sex" was the philanderer Gingrich who was possibly fascinated by the thought of sex while he was talking to the very-attractive Megyn Kelly?)

Now let's be honest...  The concern about Trump's antics has nothing to do with sex... It has to do with the man's character.  I didn't find Trump's comments on the bus any more repulsive than I found his mockery of that disabled reporter back in the Spring. But let's make it clear that calling out a sexual predator does not mean that someone is "fascainted by sex".  That's just plain absurd, but it isn't surprising coming from someone like Newt.  

But.. Clinton!

But if Gingrich objects so much to Bill Clinton being First Gentleman, then how can he support Trump, who has done some of the same things.. and probably much worse? Does the f#cker really believe that Trump did not do any of the things that he confessed to?  We heard the creep on the bus, Newtie, baby!  We, the American people, are not all as easily buffaloed as the die-hard Trump supporters!

Somehow it's OK for Gingrich to support the sexual predator Trump for Pesident--- Yet he gets his panties in a bunch over the husband of the next President engaging in extra marital affairs years ago.

Gingrich is falling fast..

Then Gingrich insists that KELLY call Bill Clinton a sexual predator on the air.  Newtie mentions that Clinton was disbarred.   (Clinton was disbarred for perjury, for lying under oath about an extra marital affair, not for forcing himself on women without their consent, grabbing them by the p--y, and sticking his tongue down their throats without consent.)

She ignores him and reminds the scumbag Gingrich that Billl Clinton is not on the ticket. She says that the people of the country are less interested in the deeds of Hillary Clinton's husband than they are in the deeds of the man who is asking us to make him President now. Then she tells Gingrich to "take his anger issues and spend some time working on them." Gingrich retorts in best third grade style: "You too, and you too" as the clip fades out.

Here's the whole clip:

Nope.. I still don't like Fox news.

I just plain don't like Fox news, but I do applaud Megyn Kelly for not letting Gingrich get away with most of the usual Republican pro-Trump crap. 

If only EVERY media person would not let these f#ckers get away with insinuating, changing the topic, and out-and-out lying... then maybe we'd actually have a more informed voting public.  

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